Saturday, August 16, 2003

What my blogspot ad thinks of you, my readers

A source of mild amusement and diversion for me is the ever-changing content of my blogspot banner ad. With Blogspot now being run by Google, one would expect their ads to be “smartly” targeted, and indeed most of them are generally in the right ballpark.

Even on those occasions when Good Smart-ads Turn Bad, it doesn’t really stress me; I thus don’t have a "My TIVO thinks I'm gay" angsty moment about it all.

One of today’s offerings was just so left-field, however, I was motivated to click through (a first). It turns out that usury now has a franchise – YOU can be part of this exciting, high-growth industry, which lends money at interest rates of up to 9% a day – i.e. more than 3000% annually.

So I’ll be interested to see what my blogspot banner ad does in response to *this* post. Will I be cast as having a readership composed mainly of Shylock-ian wannabes, even more so?

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