Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Memo for Pru Goward

Call me a visual-centric man, but I still can’t picture what you’re talking about. Do “we” want “our” adaptive-lib men to look like this – or this?

On second-thought, now I get it. In a world where pot-bellies are apparently all earth mother-snuggly (e-e-ewww!), and Ian “pearl necklace” Thorpe is straight, there is only one place left for a gay man approaching 40 to run – into the persona of a comfortably oblivious, ever-shrill frigid harpy (“Hands off my hairy gut, you depilitated pervert!")

Now if you’ll just hand me over the baton for this – when you’re finished with it, of course – thank you very much, Ms Goward.

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