Thursday, August 14, 2003

John Howard and Manildra

The two letters, from David Straface and G. McQuinn, in today’s Age sum up my ambivalence on this issue. Straface is right, particularly apropos of the “children overboard" issue – a comedy of errors (not at all in the “funny” sense, of course) and therefore not a particularly good peg to hang the hat of Daemon John Howard on.

On the other hand, McQuinn is right to allude to the difference between last week’s higher education reports scandal, in which the Howard government probably (but just) gets off being directly implicated in, and PM Howard’s out-and-out lie about meeting Manildra’s boss.

See also today’s Troppo Armadillo take on the affair - commentator James Dudek is spot-on when he notes that, however crap the Howard government is, the Crean opposition has been even lamer, in the face of what would be a paddock full of gift horses for any vaguely competent opposition.

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