Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Crikey outs Hillary Bray

Well, very nearly almost. Stephen Mayne & Co have let this drop:

“In fact the audience is here," [Tim Blair] joked, failing to mention the banning of Crikey who was a loyal if somewhat embarrassed listener given that our Hillary Bray was involved in the ["The Continuing Crisis"] show [on ABC Radio National in 2001].

Proving that even Google does have its limits, the involvement of a prime suspect – the left-leaning producer of "The Continuing Crisis"* is easily corroborated, via Tim Blair himself – only without any cyber-trace of the actual producer’s name.

If I had any ABC contacts, finding out this name would be two phone calls away, at most. As things stand though, I’ve got no choice but to serve my scoop up slightly prematurely – and so necessarily wonder whether the identity of Hillary Bray may not have all along been a private school boys’ secret society/in-joke type of thing. Certainly, Blair’s coyness about naming his producer, back in May, dovetails seamlessly with Crikey’s recent shameless coquetry, in its Hillary Bray showing the ordinary punters a peek (but no more) under her skirts.

* a double-act-plus-guests show featuring Tim Blair and Imre Salusinszky.

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