Friday, August 08, 2003

Contracting out – When the shit spun by corporate vultures comes back to haunt them

Tenix Solutions is a little-known, new (founded 1997) company whose specialty is “the provision of end-to-end traffic enforcement and parking management services”. The former means that they run Victoria’s (among elsewhere, it would seem) lucrative traffic camera operations. The latter – as you may have guessed – has nothing to do with providing commercial “parking services”, as that term would be generally understood. Rather, it means that Tenix Solutions provide parking fine “services” for local councils.

It sure beats me why the average local council would need the services of (a subsidiary of) “Australia's largest defence and technology contractor” to slap a few pink tickets on a few windscreens – I mean, it’s not rocket science, nor even anything as hi-tech and hi-finance (Not!) as raising revenue by photographing car numberplates. Be that as it may, at least one Melbourne council – Stonnington, centred on the ritzy suburb of Toorak – has bought the Tenix sales pitch:

Tenix Solutions has an impressive record of successfully partnering with the Public [sic] sector to identify and solve complex social problems and public policy issues.

Oh yeah? So when it comes to that case-in-a-thousand, when slapping of a pink ticket actual DOES involve a “problem” and/or “issue”, what does the collective genius of Tenix do?

Either leaves a man to die, or tickets a dead man, that’s what.

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