Friday, July 04, 2003

Ken Parking Meter - EXPIRED

I used to be opposed to petty and arbitrary censorship – because those two adjectives say it all.

Today, however, there’s an even better reason to oppose acts of silly censorship. Instead of causing a fog of opaque silence, censorship in the Internet* Age results in a rabble of audio-visuals and text – a plethora of (juxta)positions both predictable and boringly similar, and yet invariably couched in terms of “I was there!” breathless subjectivity.

As Plato may well have injuncted today’s media-hogging rabble: “Girlfriend, get out of my light!”

* and mail order DVD, for those who own a player (after getting my first VCR in the mid 90s; I’m now on track to upgrade to DVD c.2015; finances permitting)

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