Thursday, June 19, 2003

Universitas 21 Global launched


Can we make this an ongoing triennial event? (and especially in 2006, with the Commonwealth Games coming to Melbourne, this seems to represent an unmissable tie-in opportunity)

Separately, the mind boggles what the festivities are going to be like when U 21 G's headquarters – which, at yesterday’s date “will be” in Singapore – open [and/or (ii) are built/let, (iii) have plans drawn up, (iii) have posted an envelope in the mail addressed to a cubicle partition company, requesting a quote, etc].

Indeed, with so many Universitas Global-related party-party-party opportunities shortly (I assume) presenting themselves up to the government of Singapore, why not go the whole hog, and declare 2004 the official Year of Cutting Opening Ribbons in Singapore? After all, apart from being the Year of the Monkey*, 2004 is when the much-delayed, grand new Singapore Supreme Court is expected to finally open. And this will be a sweet and fitting monument to the rule of law in Singapore, too, I’m sure.

An edifice devoted to the future of education in the new century admittedly doesn’t need to make quite the same upfront impression on the citizenry as a court – but I’m sure whatever the building housing the U 21 G web server lacks in quality can be made up in sheer quantity; of grand opening events, that is.

* Insert your own innuendo here – for hints, go to:

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