Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Think-tank director (and Gen X member) has brainwave . . .

. . . Make universities more like think-tanks.

This kills several birds with one stone – think-tanks can take on paying customers/students, who will all think that they are on a golden-egg career path to becoming high-paid think-tank directors just like Tim Watts*, but of course will have to leave such a nest of illusory comfort at some stage, which can only mean that they must work in/for something even more opaque, elitist and pseudo-institutional than a think-tank c. 2003.

From such a future great career height, then, what are today’s mere aspirants will enshrine – by default alone – a post-school challenge for the next generation that is even more arcane, expensive and pointless than the one they created to give jobs to the grabbiest among themselves.

* If you need to know almost-everything about Tim Watts (other than his private school book prizes [I’m assuming], which he curiously leaves off his resume); then Google { "Tim Watts" Melbourne } and look at his resume (# 1 ranking at the time of writing). You’ll need to “View as HTML”, as the Word/DOC format is password locked.

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