Monday, May 19, 2003

Lay off the "magic water", Paul Sheehan

Yep, the Hindmarsh Island bridge business has no doubt created some Indigenous victims. Dulcie Wilson may genuinely be one of these. Personally though, I would regard being shunned by the Canberra press gallery as neutral (at worst), or even a compliment. And gee, she ran up a huge phone bill as well – as someone who has also tried to be a one-person self-publicity machine outside “the system”, I can only sympathise; and yawn.

Where Sheehan goes too far is in setting up journo Chris Kenny as a victim-in-diptych, alongside Dulcie Wilson. Only one reporter turned up to Chris’s book launch at the Canberra press gallery? Diddums! Either this meant that the two of them had the hardship of consuming all the launch booze between them, or the occasion was booze-less – which could well be the real reason for the “shunning”, anyway.

And talking of waters magical, Paul Sheehan – people who live in brittle placebos really shouldn’t be throwing words like “crapulous saga” around.

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