Friday, April 25, 2003

What the cat dragged in

With ths blog's first birthday rapidly approaching, I thought a name change was in order. I have long been aware of the cryptic nature of the original name, "It's better to die on your feet than suck ...". If anyone is interested, the words following the ellipsis are "on your knees" (the ellipsis itself was necessary because the Blogger template wouldn't quite accept the whole phrase).

An explanation of the Voltaire-corrupting phrase was in my very first post:

There's a big difference in comedy between "sucking" and "dying". You die on your feet, but you suck on your knees. 28/5/2002 12:37:33 AM

I hopefully don't, and won’t need to explain the meaning of "What the cat dragged in". Also on the new blog-name shortlist, but ultimately runners up, were "What the cat dragged out" (too arch) and "The footy sock under the bed" (if not too lewd, then definitely too cryptic).

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