Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Update on "Loot"

Since it's kinda a breach of blog-etiquette to have a totally link-free rant ("column"?) I recommend, for further reading on this topic:


BUT here's the twist, (and here the blog-etiquette gets very iffy), I'm really leading you to the comments , which of course have no independent URL, although etiquette-wise and if this were possible, it would probably be a breach to link straight to them, anyway. No offence to John Q's opinions, but I think that they are, or perhaps have since become, just generic, anti-war grist for mill-central. In contrast, in the comments pop-up, there's a spectrum of views. I particularly recommend those of Jack Strocchi - I don't know the guy at all, but I definitely wish he would blog more often. His back-channel postings are good, but I could easily read more of their kind.

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