Tuesday, April 29, 2003

SARS – Proof that Feng Shui is crap

Okay, that’s maybe being too flippant. However, the concept of SARS as nature’s revenge on those jostling to be buried between the tiger hill on the left and the dragon hill on the right seems as good an explanation as any for the epidemiology of this mysterious disease. With Vietnam today being pronounced free of the epidemic, it is clear that SARS is not (mainly) a disease that thrives and multiplies in third-world conditions. The Vietnam eradication – and Toronto’s current status as a first world hotspot for SARS – got me thinking that perhaps the virus is a cold-climate specialist. Consistent with this, its Chinese epicentre has, in mid-autumn, seemingly moved northwards to Beijing. However, later today, the World Health Organisation declared SARS to have peaked everywhere except China.

See also my post below, Wednesday, April 02, 2003, for a different “nature’s revenge” SARS speculation.

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