Thursday, April 24, 2003

Instant Fame (and Job) for self-described Talentless Job Hunter

Today’s post is basically a “novelty item” only one (hey, it’s a long weekend coming up), but I’ll start with a moderately interesting tangent to the story. I did a Google search for "angelika wedberg" six hours ago, and got nothing (well one, irrelevant hit). Doing the same search a few minutes ago, there were 99 hits.

I first heard of the said Angelika Wedberg in yesterday’s MX newspaper, a Melbourne tabloid freebie. MX doesn’t put its content online (so no links to it are possible), and with short, novelty-type stories in hardcopy-only form, only a tortuous paraphrasing effort would have enabled the story to be re-told here, without my breaching MX’s copyright.

But that’s all academic now. I think that this link pretty much explains itself, other than for me to note it as a special dedication to meika.

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