Friday, March 14, 2003

Gambler bitten back by bumper sticker karma

Not that much for me to add, really.

In today’s Australian report of this YAABBa-Do! (Yet Another Arsehole Baby Boomer’s Demise), however, was this little defensive admission by Crown Casino boss Gary O’Neil – that there were no obvious signs that De Stefano was gambling beyond his means during the time he spent at the casino.

Yeah, right. To lose $8m, a gambler, who never pockets their winnings on a good night and walks away (and gambling addicts never do), would have to turn over $50m-$80m at the tables, or pump $20m-$30m through the pokies. Billionaire owner of Crown Casino, Kerry Packer, may comfortably do those kinds of figures (at casinos he doesn’t own, of course), and there’s probably little point in trying to unravel the “means” of offshore high-rollers, but a Geelong-dwelling public servant is surely just a man ordinaire.

The good thing about Gary O’Neil’s admission is it seemingly implies that casinos should keep some kind of lookout over its customers for signs of gambling beyond their means. Hmmn – if only. Then again, just possibly O’Neil read my blog of Tuesday, February 25, 2003, “Small businesses under siege” and den saw da light!

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