Monday, March 10, 2003

From the Marie Antoinette (but this time for real ) department comes MP Victor “Let Them Eat Keyboards” Perton: (last para)

To be fair to poor Victor, I think that The Age may have got in wrong when it called him “[shadow] education spokesman” – his website
lists him as Shadow Minister for Technology and Innovation. For that portfolio to automatically include education-at-the-chalkface would be surprising, even for the dotcom-gullible Victorian Liberals (Victoria had the world's first – and also the last, funnily enough – Minister for Multimedia. Originally it was Alan Stockdale (also the State Treasurer at the time), but Victor Perton acquired the dubious, scaled-down title of Shadow Minister for Multimedia when the Libs lost power in 1999 - before quietly dropping the "M" word completely abut 2001.

In summary, Victor has ridden the great dotcom rollercoaster, from its highs, promising, as a mere backbencher in 1998, to turn Tasmania e-upside down-e, to the present-day end of the line. It’s been a wild, rough trip but old-trooper Victor has managed in the above quote one last tribute, even after the ride has ended. Yes, he has regurgitated the word “multimedia” – putting it, carrots’n’all, onto the public tarmac for one last time, before the benighted phrase is forever banished from its place on the shelf of the politicians’ pork barrel megastore of vague promises and even vaguer-lexicon.

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