Monday, February 03, 2003 have just broken one of the biggest Oz news stories for years:

In the best indy-journalism tradition, the really important news buried well into the story - this bit is very little to do with RMIT's ongoing chaos, rather, it concerns embattled vice-chancellor Ruth Dunkin, and the circumstances of her PHD.

In posting the link, I do not vouch in any way for the facts and opinions contained therein. If they turn out to be wayward, Messrs Mayne & Co will have a major defamation headache on their hands. If they are right, then I predict that Dunkin's going-down is going to be Australian universities' "Enron" - an almost-unbelievable tale of monumental greed, vapidity and incompetence (with a baby boomer claque at its operational core, of course).

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