Thursday, January 09, 2003

Bit of comedy controversy happening across the North Atlantic at the moment, re "Bowling for Columbine"'s Michael Moore.

For veritable catalogue of charges against Moore:

For a review of the show:

For a defence to the above:

All I'll add, as my own commentary, is my sense of wonderment at the critic, who found that "About 25% of [Moore's show] is offensive, without being witty or fun, about 25% is annoying, and the rest is just plain dull".

Assuming that this critic is entitled to his relentlessly negative opinions of Moore's show, I still had no idea that bad comedy had so many shades of unfunnyness - the critic's percentage breakdowns reminds me of the fruitier end of wine writing.

Or maybe it’s just a Pommy thing - maybe they really DO enjoy their bad comedy over there, right down to the last percentile of raspberry bouquet, or whatever.

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