Thursday, June 03, 2004

"Play School" Gay School row

The real outrage behind this story should be reserved for the hide of the two cheapskate mums who take daughter Brenna and her friend Meryn to an "amusement park", whose major ride is apparently a merry-go-round!

Now that's "political indoctrination", Clive Hamilton-style. Since when has it become official policy that kids' Big Days Out have been "downshifted" to a trip to the pissweak local park?

Update 5 June 2004

The incriminating "Play School" footage was played on "A Current Affair" on Thursday, and after seeing it, I have to admit that my assumption about Brenna's merry-go-round being the skanky one you find in dodgier local parks was wrong. Some reports have described it as a "fair", but from the footage, it looked like a C-grade, theme-less theme park. Albeit it had was a merry-go-round, of the sit-on-horsies variety, but overall it was the kind of place where the rides are only exciting because you can see Carnie Guy with his wrench furiously tightening metal things on the base of your ride, as you spin around.

Haven't lesbians heard of the Gold Coast, where there's proper theme parks and rides? And exposing Brenna to the colourful Carnie Folk that characterise "amusement parks" may be all very well for Mum #1 - children's author Vicki Harding - but if I was the 8 y.o. Brenna, I'd want the Gold Coast thing, and want it NOW! Yes, Vicki, ride operators can have teeth - on the Gold Coast they have tanned teenage ride operators with dazzling white perma-smiles. And, BTW, mums who look younger than their daughters! So get thy daughter up to the real world, pronto.

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